Enhanced Productivity add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint

DynaPoint is an extremely powerful, PowerPoint add-in that includes productivity enhancements to the core PowerPoint capabilities. These enhancements include:

  • Presentation Browsing
  • Slide Embedding
  • Slide Linking

The DynaPoint Browser provides PowerPoint users with the ability to “browse” their file system, mapped drives, networks shares FTP site, URL's and even SharePoint sites! Once a presentation is located, the user is able to preview the slides within the presentations, without opening it within PowerPoint…an extremely powerful capability. PowerPoint provides similar, but limited, support for this capability, and requires additional overhead, in the form of multiple browsing sessions for working with multiple source presentations. The DynaPoint browser is extremely simple to use and requires less work on the part of the user than what is provided by PowerPoint alone and is available to all users, free of charge.

PowerPoint provides basic slide reuse capabilities, which DynaPoint enhances and simplifies. The ability to embed or link to an existing slide from within your current presentation is an extremely useful and powerful feature. PowerPoint requires the use of SharePoint Slide Libraries to accomplish the dynamic linking functionality and additionally limits the allowed source locations to which a user is allowed to embed or link. DynaPoint eliminates the necessity for SharePoint and includes support for the local file system, mapped drives, network file shares, FTP Sites, and many popular cloud-based storage services. These features place DynaPoint ahead of all competing solutions when it comes to low cost and flexibility.

DynaPoint Feature Comparison

Feature DynaPoint PowerPoint
Static Embedding
Slide Reuse/Embedding Inserts a copy of source slide from selected presentation into current presentation Inserts a copy of source slide from selected presentation into current presentation
Supported Sources Local/Mapped File System, FTP sites, network shares, URL's, and SharePoint Sites Local/Mapped File System and SharePoint Slide Libraries
Slide Thumbnails Shows slide thumbnails while browsing Shows slide thumbnails while browsing
Source Formatting Allows user to keep source formatting Allows user to keep source formatting
Source Slide Browsing Quick and flexible browsing for source slides is provided by the DynaPoint Bowser. Slow browsing process when inserting slides from multiple presentations. User must browse presentations individually.
Source Slide Selection Simple Select/Deselect of source slides is supported by the DynaPoint Browser. Click checkboxes next to each slide to select/deselect Only supports selection of source slides one slide at a time or all slides. Deselect must be performed by slide deletion.
Dynamic Linking
Supported Sources Local/Mapped File System, FTP sites and network shares, URL's, and SharePoint Sites Only SharePoint Slide Libraries. Forces all users to utilize slide libraries to support dynamic linking
New Version Handling Automatically uses latest version Requires user interaction for each updated slide
Path or Name Change Allows user to browse to new or renamed slide
Source Slide Deletion Allows user to remove from presentation or keep latest version as an embedded slide
Updated Slide Check Automatically when presentation is opened or at any time from the DynaPoint Ribbon Group Only when presentation is opened

How Does DynaPoint Work?

DynaPoint Ribbon

DynaPoint Tab on PowerPoint Ribbon

Embedding & Linking to Slides

Embedding and Linking to slide(s) using DynaPoint is quick and easy. Clicking on the Import button on the DynaPoint ribbon tab in PowerPoint will bring up the Import Slides window. From here you can navigate through the file system on your computer to locate the PowerPoint show or presentation containing the slide(s) you want to import. Clicking on the PowerPoint file in the left pane will display the slide(s) contained in that show in the right pane of the Import Slide window. Double-click or check the slides you want to import and then click the Embed Slide or Link to Slide button depending on how you want to import the slide(s). Embedding a slide imports an exact copy of the slide into your current or new presentation. Linking to the slide adds the slide to you presentation, however; this slide is updated with the most current content from the original slide when your presentation is opened or the reload button is clicked.

DynaPoint Import Slides Window

DynaPoint Import Slides Window

When linking to a slide in your presentation, linked slides will contain a notification at the top of the slide shown in the image below. Linked slides will be updated with the most current information from the original slide when you open a presentation or click the reload button. Because of this; changes made to linked slides will not be saved.

DynaPoint Linked Slides Notification

DynaPoint Linked Slides Notification